Digital job trends

By now everyone knows that the digital industry is a flourishing one with lots of job opportunities for experienced professionals as well as recent graduates.  The industry is a lot more fluid and quick paced than others and is also more flexible when it comes to hiring candidates.  You will find people from all sorts of educational background working here, right from an engineer to a marketing graduate to an arts scholar to a designing fanatic and more.

This flexible nature of the industry is also the reason why there is a cut throat competition applying to any particular job at any given time. If you are a recent college pass-out and hooked by this industry, here are some tips to develop skills that will certainly assist you become a more suitable candidate.

Get relevant education
While there is no strict guideline regarding the degrees and certifications for becoming a candidate fit for the digital industry, nevertheless you have to have knowledge of certain essential concepts and tools, which can be gained through many free online certifications and courses available. For instance, Google Analytics is an important tool for professionals interested in becoming a SEO or Digital Marketer or Web Analytics expert. There is the free Google Analytics Certified Professional course by none other than Google that if completed successfully will make you well versed with its analytics tool, which by far is the most popular analytics tool in the industry.

This is how your approach should be to become suitable for digital industry as there is a course or certification for every aspect; provided you dedicate enough hours practicing what you learn.

Form a network or become a part of one
The digital industry is also different from others owing to its continuous nature, where every individual is a part of the web, connected to each other either directly or through other connections. The bigger is your network the better is your reach and more is the chance of getting a job or bagging a client project in case you are freelancing. You should be open to participating in networking events or speaking at seminars or initiating a discussion whenever the situation calls for it. The more outspoken you become the better are your chances of forming a strong network that permeates the digital department of various organizations. 

The reach of your network will one of the deciding factors in your job search. Joining LinkedIn groups or following influencers on Twitter and Facebook is also a right place to start in the pursuit of building your network.

Keep reading
The best advice that any professional would have for recent graduates looking to apply to jobs in the digital industry is to read, read and read. While you can be excused for thinking of yourself as an expert after completing a certification, the truth is that nothing is permanent in the fast moving digital world. What you know now will become obsolete tomorrow; hence continuous reading is the only saviour.

There are plenty of industry specific blogs, many of which are written by professionals with humongous experience and proven expertise behind them.  These articles will provide you deep insight into what is the latest trend and update in the industry. You will come to know about different technical terms along with general thought leadership advice that doesn’t relate to a particular technical solution.      

Have your own website
If you want to gain hands on experience regarding the various digital concepts and trends the easiest way is to have your own website and test all your knowledge on it. Building a website would also end up making you accomplished in web technologies like HTML and CSS amongst others. Your website will be your playground where you can try out new ideas.

Any new update that is making the waves across the digital world can be learned and tested right at its outset on your website. In fact, every aspiring digital marketer should have his own personal projects to test out theories and strategies and be able to feel fully responsible for a project’s success and failure. You can also showcase this work as a non-profit project to recruiters if you are short of any proper work experience.

Have a positive attitude
Nothing is unattainable for the one who has confidence and attitude of a winner. Wonders have been achieved with the power of positive attitude. Even if your initial days in the digital industry will be full of uncertainty and fear of failures, there is no reason why you would not succeed with proper discipline, hard work and diligent efforts.  Success in the digital industry is fleeting and therefore, even if your projects become an instant hit, you should not rest in their glory. Keep learning, keep reading, and make sure to have a positive attitude towards every challenge that comes your way.

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