Children learning about investments

The JSE Investment challenge is an educational programme aimed at introducing South African students to the JSE. At the same time the students are contributing to the country’s economic growth.

The following skills are developed, which will help them not only in school, but in life:

  • Basic investing skills
  • A culture of saving and skills to do so
  • Teamwork
  • Research skills
  • The ability to link world events and the effect on the market

The game is comprised of three investment portfolios:

  1. Income (Low Volatility)
  2. Equity Growth (Medium Volatility) and
  3. Speculator (High Volatility, which involves internet trading only)

If you are a parent and any of the above 3 portfolios is something that you don’t know much about and can’t teach your child, this might be the ideal opportunity to give them a head start when it comes to managing their finances. You might also want to read more about why you should talk to your kids about money.

If you are a Business Economics or Economics teacher, enter you students and make the theory come alive. The JSE Investment Challenge is held annually from March to September. Click here for more information on the What, When, Where and How.

According to the JSE Challenge, these are the things you SHOULDN’T do when you buy shares:
1. Don’t buy shares on tips, unless you have thoroughly researched the share and would have bought it even without the tip.
2. Don’t aim too high at first. Accumulate wealth by steady, careful investment.
3. Don’t get excited when you are making money and despondent when you are losing. Your emotions are your worst enemy in the market.
4. Don’t buy a share without knowing exactly why. Write down your reasons so that you can review them with the advantage of hindsight.

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