Career change inventory

Today’s post is inspired by a client who got in touch with me to get some advice on a possible job/career change. I’m currently celebrating 20 years in financial services in South Africa! Over this period, I have had my fair share of job and career changes.

Nowadays, it is often said, most people will have had 7 job changes by the time they retire (if they believe in retirement).

Given this, I must confess that I already have had far more than 7 job changes and retirement is still very far away. Now that the secret is out, what advice did I give the client?

I always say that the best time to search for or consider a new job or career is when you are already employed because you are more marketable and desirable. This gives you the opportunity to make comparisons without any pressure.


1. Identify what is driving your job/career change.
      Is it “push�? factors such as the following?

  • Boss or colleagues
  • Company’s culture
  • Company’s values
  • Salary
  • Lack of challenge in your current job
  • Unfulfilled ambition
  • Identify the “pull�? factors driving your job/career change
2. Explore what you need in an employer and work environment, not just in a new job/career to establish the type of employer or environment you thrive in.

3. What is your history with job/career changes?

4. What mistakes have you made before?

5. What good decisions have you made before?

6. What lessons have you learnt?

7. From who have you sought advice on the job/career change?

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