Are you a great teacher?

I consider myself a great teacher when:

Engaging teaching style, environment and passion for I do

  • I want my students to learn and would try different ways of explaining something until they understand.
  • I’m patient and do not become irritated when they ask questions.
  • I prepare them well for exams.
  • I’m enthusiastic about my subject.
  • I enjoy my work.
  • I take examples to class, draw pictures or diagrams or show my students how to do something in order to help them understand.
  • I keep my class clean and neat so that students can focus on learning.
  • I encourage students to think about work and ask questions.
  • I don’t mind students making mistakes, as long as they tried.
  • I create opportunities for them to learn outside the classroom, like field trips or by inviting experts to talk to them in class.

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Good relationships and values student

  • I value each student in my class for who they are.
  • I treat everyone fairly.
  • I try to understand my student’s perspective.
  • I respect my students.
  • I believe in my students.
  • I create a sense of belonging in my class.
  • I try to teach students some life skills.
  • I listen to my student’s passions and heart aches.
  • My students respect me.
  • Knowledgeable lifelong learner
  • I am knowledgeable about my subject.
  • I’m comfortable with what I know and eager to learn what I don’t.
  • When I don’t know the answer, I promise my students to find out, and then I do. 
  • I attend courses or seminars in order to stay on top of my game.

Professionalism and classroom management skills

  • I’m always prepared for class.
  • I have good discipline in my class.
  • I’m organised and make sure we get through the required work load.
  • I give feedback on assignments and exam papers within a reasonable time.
  • I communicate with my student’s parents.
  • I never talk ill about another teacher, parent or child.


  • I try to inspire fellow teachers and students.

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