Are you an A-Student


  • I use a diary/planner to write down my homework and schedule dates to hand in assignments and write tests.
  • I break my work down into manageable portions and set goals on when I want to have what done.
  • I reach the goals most of the time.
  • I use written/electronic reminders to help me remember important things.
  • I know what I need and I do my homework in an environment that supports my learning.
  • My school bag is organised and has everything in that I need for school.
  • I know where to find my hand outs that I received in class.
  • I’ve got everything that I need for each subject together.
  • I don’t often loose important notes or handouts.
  • I can find what I need quickly.
  • I hand in my assignments on time.


  • I get taught in my mother tongue or in a language that I understand well.
  • I can communicate effectively with others.
  • I can read well and understand most of what I read.
  • I understand most of my work in my subjects.
  • I am up to date with the work.


  • I know how to identify important facts and sections of work.
  • I can summarise my work.
  • I know which study skills work best for me and I can use them.
  • I know that some subjects require skills to be practiced and I make sure that I can do everything.
  • I can solve problems when they arise.
  • I can adapt to different situations and environments.
  • I can spot opportunities and use them to my advantage.
  • I try to understand my work, rather than to just memorise it.
  • I can pay attention to lessons and my work.


  • When I don’t understand something I ask my teacher.
  • I participate in class discussions even when they are difficult.
  • I do my part to the best of my ability when I have to work in a group.
  • I am valuable in a group and give good inputs.

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  • I feel positive towards schoolwork.
  • I know why it is important for me to be in school.
  • I enjoy the interaction with my peers at school.
  • I enjoy the interaction with my teachers at school.
  • I keep on trying even when I struggle.
  • I think that completing my matric will open up opportunities for me.
  • I put in extra efforts in subjects that I am not naturally good at.
  • When I miss a class I make a point of finding out what I missed.
  • I can motivate myself to study even when I don’t feel like it.
  • I keep to the rules of respectful behaviour when interacting with my peers or teachers.
  • I have people who support me in my school work.
  • I am sometimes curious to find out more about a subject or theme.
  • I am proud of my work.

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