Can video games benefit your child?

Playing video games could have some advantages. But if it is done in moderation, which means that it doesn’t interfere with other developmental activities, it can have a positive impact on a child. 

Possible advantages
  • It can spark their interest in topics like history or a specific country.
  • Promotes fast decision making.
  • Some consider it to be effective eye movement exercises which can improve a lazy eye.
  • It can help some kids relax.
  • It could improve their attention span.
  • It could distract them when they are ill or injured.
  • It could improve hand-eye co-ordination. Read more about fine motor skills development.
  • Becoming part of a gaming community could help them make friends with the same interests.
  • For more possible benefits go to Mentalfloss and Ocmodshop

How to make sure the games your child play is suitable
Parents have the responsibility to research the games their kids play and make sure that it’s a good fit. GameHub is an app where you can search for any type of video game to get a simple description of the game. Start researching! 

Do you know which video games your child is playing?
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