Ace your technical interview

There can be a lot of reasons why you fail at an interview, but mostly it’s lack of preparation.

Job interviews is different from your exams
After spending years studying hard you might feel that you are ready to step into a technical job. However you must understand that your potential employer is more interested in the ways you will add value to his company rather than your academic achievements. You might be a topper in a particular subject but unless you fit the business needs, there is little chance of the employer hiring you.

What will the questions be?
What purpose do questions serve? Actually, an interviewer’s primary purpose of asking questions is to establish communication with the candidate. Once there is a comfortable dialogue between the two, the recruiter will move on to questions that will test your knowledge. Since you are appearing for a technical position, you can expect fairly technology related questions.

The best you can do is to summaries all that you have studied and learned till the date of interview and align your thoughts with the requirements of the position.

How should you present yourself?
As much as it is important to be academically sound it is vital for a candidate to be presentable. More than your physical appearance it means how well behaved you are, and the quality of your communication skills. When an employer calls you over for a face to face interaction, he is also providing you with an opportunity to showcase your personality and communication abilities. Be mindful of your appearance and make a conscious effort to look professional.

It also means that your resume and qualifications already match the selection criteria of the employer and now he wants to test your soft skills as that might be the differentiating factor between you and your competition. The basics of making a good first impression include being dressed well, being punctual and having knowledge of current affairs. Wear a confident look and sleep well the night before.

Be ready for the unconventional
Sometimes the interviewer might just want to test your presence of mind and that’s why he will shoot an unconventional question out of the blue to give you the jitters. If you are able to handle the onslaught without losing your calm and composure, your chances of getting selected are instantly greater than others. In order to be prepared for such unconventional questions, it’s a good idea to brush up on key points.

Do not forget to do a background check on the company
In order to show your genuine interest in the company you should perform a background check on the same. Search for it online and read about all their milestones and history. Also get an idea about the company’s philosophy, mission and work place culture which are essential for your personal work satisfaction.

If you prepare for an interview, you stand a much better chance of being hired.

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