7 Exciting finance careers

A career in finance, nowadays, is seen as vital for planning, decision making and operations in any organisation.

Here is a list of 7 different roles financial companies might have to offer:
Private Equity
The role of private equity is to raise funds from the investors and further invest the money in to businesses. The usual procedure is to raise funds from investors abroad and then capitalize it in the start-up ventures. Finance professionals have a greater role to play in here. They are the face for the investors, manage all investment activities and distribute them their share of benefit.

Fund Management
This is another option for a finance graduate. As a fund manager, one has a great role to play especially at mutual fund. The fund manager has thorough understanding of macro and micro factors that tend to affect the market. And as per the market scenario, they invest money in stock, market, debt market, and companies to reap revenues.

Financial Risk Management
It is a practice of creating economic value in a company by making use of financial instruments to manage exposure to risk, particularly market risk and credit risk. It is like risk management and deals, identifying the sources, measuring it and making plans to address them. As a specialist of risk management, one ought to emphasize how and when to use the financial tools to manage risk.

Corporate Banking
This role entails an assortment of banking services which are required by corporates. It comprises of credit borrowing to companies for their expansion and working capital requirements, rendering treasury help to companies for foreign exchange and dealing with interest rate fluctuations. In addition it also offers cash management solutions. It helps in effectively dealing with customers and distributors and rightly streamlines all the operations.

Wealth Management
It encompasses of investment portfolio, financial planning and several other aggregated financial services. Usually individuals with high net worth and small businesses, who wish to have assistance of credentialed financial advisory, call upon wealth fund managers. They can be independent or certified financial planners. Wealth management services are provided by banks, independent financial advisors or multi-licensed portfolio managers whose tasks are designed to meet customers of high net worth.

Corporate Finance
Pursuing a job in corporate finance means you will work for a company to help find the money to run the business. It aids in business growth, financial planning and acquisition.

Social Finance
Social finance is an emerging application of finance, which focuses on achieving a social objective. This career option has now come up as a specialization in finance to cover financial aspects of charities, government organizations, and other profit-seeking corporations. It is an approach that involves managing money for economic returns and social dividend. Social finance also includes microfinance, community investing, social enterprise lending, and social impact bonds under its umbrella.

The financial approaches used in funding and investing focus on twin purpose of stimulating environmental returns and positive social returns for larger world and investors. There are various types of organizations like non-profit organizations, retailers, consumer finance entities, and banks, which seek better ways to serve and reach people in the lower socio-economic group. Some of the organizations may focus on eliminating poverty, while others may create a pool of customers for their various products.

A look at the Different Types of Social Finance Careers
With globalization, many vibrant combinations of skills are much more in demand in the current financial marketplace. As a result, social finance careers have become varied to meet the burgeoning demand.

One can find a wide range of lucrative career options in social finance. Some of them include:

Working as a community investor, a micro-financier is involved in providing the people in poverty with different means to borrow or invest funds. It is done by framing suitable financial transactions that reduce or eliminate the need for collaterals. These professionals may work for non-government organizations, community banks, or consumer finance companies. Micro-financiers can also be self-employed and start their own venture.

Social Entrepreneur
Working as a social entrepreneur, professionals in the field are involved in providing excellent solutions to various social problems.  

Community Investors
Pursuing a career as community development venture capitalists or community bankers, community investors are responsible for directing capital needs for investments.
With so many career options to choose from, you can very well start preparing for a job in finance right now.

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