5 Life changing study tips for matrics

Your final year at school is a daunting one. As a Matric student, you’re expected to cover all the prescribed theory in just seven months and still find the time to prepare for tests, exams and projects. Here are some tried-and-tested study tips to help you manage your time, the sudden work load and still enjoy Grade 12.

1. Focus for 10 minutes:  Take a subject and schedule 10 minutes of study time for it. Remove all distractions (specifically cell phones) and focus on the work for the entire 10 minutes. This will help you get the ball rolling and eventually the 10 minutes will become 30 or 60 minutes.  This also helps tremendously with subjects that seem difficult and challenging at first.

2. Break up work:  Concentrate on doing small sections of work at a time.  So instead of tackling an entire chapter or module, start with a small sub section but do that section thoroughly.

3. Set up and share a study schedule:  Let as many people know about the study times and tasks.  This creates a self-imposed pressure to get things done and ultimately removes the procrastination that befalls so many learners.

4. Rise early:  Getting all your scheduled study time in early, will ensure a greater sense of achievement and freedom to enjoy the other things in life.  This is more important during the weekends and holiday periods. Studying at midnight to catch up on your schedule will not help your concentration and retention.

5. Reward yourself:  Give yourself time away from for your studies, BUT only if you feel you deserve it.  If you’ve studied consistently during the week then you should take a day off to relax with family or friends. 

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These tips are very simple to implement and you may already be using a few of them, but try to combine them all and see the results that they will achieve.  

Matric is tough, and rest periods give you time to recover and regain motivation to push through, and actually enjoy your final year.

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What great study tips have we left out? Share yours in the comment section below.