10 Ways to keep your kids busy in the car - without a tablet

The entire family can take part in these activities while on the road:

  1. A few weeks before your trip, read up on the areas you’ll be driving through. Discuss interesting facts and stories about the area and its surroundings, let the kids ask questions and engage in discussion. 
  2. Play car games –20 Questions or any word, number and memory games will keep their minds on point.  The winner gets a reward at the next pit stop.
  3. Take a nap in the car - a few hours of sleep (for them and you!) will do wonders. Make it comfortable with small neck/travel pillows. 
  4. Play audio books – from the age of three kids are able to follow slightly more complex story lines. Start off with a story they are familiar with, for example Goldilocks, Harry Potter or Frozen. 
  5. Introduce them to music they’ve never heard before – perhaps something from your youth (which can act as a great conversation starter) or classical music which has many benefits including improving memory and supercharging brainpower 
  6. Get talking! Everyone will take a turn discussing the highlights and best moments of the year and what they are most looking forward to next year. Also let each person take their turn in telling a story – this will keep everyone engaged and make the trip fly by.
  7. Educational toys are a great way for them to learn and play. Put together a few items and take out something new every time they get bored. 
  8. Pack plenty of (healthy) snacks and drinks for the family to munch on. To keep items cool, bring a portable cooler with ice packs. 
  9. Get creative! Prepare for the fact they will have a short attention span. Bring along different art supplies, for example, white boards and pens, stickers and notebooks.
  10. A trip notebook. Great for the older kids, they’ll get the chance to capture memories of the family's road trip – writing down names of songs they sang, a funny story that was told etc... This is a great way to literally and figurative emphasise the importance of the journey and not the destination.

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