10 Things you should be doing for success

1. You now know your new teachers and class mates. You should feel comfortable enough in your class to ask a question when you don’t understand the work.

2. By now you should have a homework diary that you use each day to write your homework and other reminders in.

3. You should know your timetable or have pasted it into your homework diary so that it is readily available whenever you need it.

4.You should be in the habit of packing your school bag according to your time table.

5. You should know in which subjects you might need some extra tutoring and organise this with a teacher or a friend.

6. Schools offer a variety of extra murals, which develops skills and help you make friends. It might be a good idea to find out more about the ones that you are interested in now.

7. You should be attending all your classes, staying up to date with all the work.

8. You should know what works best for you when you do homework or study – a quiet area without distractions or studying in a group.

9. Your schedule should have room for fun, friends and some down time to recoup.

You should have clear goals of what you want to achieve this year academically. 
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